Be passionate again.

Rest, Encouragement and Replenishment to the soul

We seldom know how tired our soul is and by the time we find out, it is often too late. Most high achievers go hard and fast and give little thought to self care, they can have a weary soul and not know it. Some leaders are so tired that they are only weeks away from walking away from ministry.



Unplug on a trip

Our Replenish trips are the gateway to trust. Our 4 day trek, emphasizes collaboration, spiritual discovery and coaching in a safe space. The replenish experience is two parts. We begin with a four day get a way where we establish relationships and learn the ways of replenish this is followed by a six to twelve cohort group following the trip.

Trip + Cohort = Replenish

After each trip we encourage each participant to join a Soul Care Cohort. Doing life together with leaders that also just experienced life change is a sure way to stay changed.  Love of ministry rekindled.

Monthly Cohort

Each Cohort consists of three monthly touchpoints. This is where we are accountable, we share dreams and ideas, we challenge each other and we maintain connectivity. Suffice to say, we maintain the Replenished life.

Love of ministry rekindled.



Rawd B Jones

Rawd is the founder and heartbeat of Replenish. His vision and passion to see pastors and leaders live the "replenished life" stems from three decades of ministry experience. He's a leader of leaders with the resume and skills to back it up. As an energetic, motivating, and passionate speaker he is highly sought after by churches, businesses, and corporations to elevate people's lives


Mathew DeBlanc

Mathew has spent the past 19 years of his life in pastoral ministry at some of the nation’s leading churches as well as traveling nationally and internationally speaking to thousands, developing leaders, and equipping people for everyday life. As an avid entrepreneur he is also the Founder + President of, a professional wedding officiating co, designed to "raise the bar of wedding officiating" for today's bride & groom.


Eddie Miles

Eddie is the President of The Blush Network which exists to spiritually challenge the way women think. This is primarily accomplished through Blush Conferences and Society Groups. You can find Eddie on any given day building infrastructure, leading staff, managing finances, and pushing the movement of The Blush Network forward through marketing and web development.


Brian Bradford
Brian is a third generation pastor who has devoted his life to the local church and loves to invest in the ministers who lead them. Brian is easily the smartest guy on the team with a Bachelor degree from Indiana Wesleyan University and a Masters degree and Doctorate degree from Asbury Theological Seminary. He is currently serving as the Lead Pastor of One Church in Wheaton, Illinois.


Mondy Cano
Mondy is an innovative pastor and is the definition of loyalty and longevity. He has spent the past 20 years (and counting) on staff at the same church which equates to a ton of influence. Mondy understands what vocational ministry is all about often wearing several hats at the same time. As an out-of-the-box thinker his years of consistency and experience have given him a large platform to speak into the lives of pastors and leaders.

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Replenish Trips are free to all pastors and nonprofit leaders. Contact us to be part of a Replenish experience (trip + cohort) or to help cover trip costs for an individual or group.

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sample-imageOur special host for our CA Replenish trips feature Pastor Ron Vietti and Valley Bible Fellowship. Pastor Ron started VBF with 6 teenagers in his living room and today they are one of the fastest growing and largest churches in the US. Pastor Ron is an author and featured writer in Outreach magazine. For more info see and

Upcoming 2017 Replenish Trips

July 19th-22nd

Los Angeles

March 30th - April 2nd
November 9th-12th
October 24th-27th


September 7th - 10th

2018 Dates Coming Soon:
LA, East TX, Pigeon Forge, DFW, Manilla, Jerusalem